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Most my friends know that last year I came to California to go to family reunion. Our RV broke down and brakes caught of fire. By the grace of God we were ok.

We had to get rid of the RV so we are now without wheels. I am trying to get a vehicle so we can go places. In case Henry wants work after his surgery.  (Henry needs surgery on his arm).  We need vehicle to get a round.

Not asking for  hand outs…if you order something from one of my websites that will help me have money for the vehicle.

I have the garden club website  Starlite Garden’s Club    30% all furniture and other outdoor goods.

I have woo-shoppe Designs for web design if you need a website  enter here

For family gifts I have Nowa’s Marketplace 

I have advertising on Nowa’s Connection

Anything you buy, helps us get back on the road. Thank you in advance



Donate and I will send you a surprise gift!

I would like to get another econoline van like we had before. $1500-$2000

I need about $500 for registration and insurance

probably save $200 for gas

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