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Your own coffee website….

On sale for $49.95 includes three months hosting and domain name. 

IIf you like to sell Coffee and Goodies you can join Kat’s Coffees and More (join here)

You could use Kat’s order form and have a lead generation page to go to the site. We can build the lead page for you.  There a small fee for the order form monthly.

We could build you a full size coffee site. You get the orders to your paypal. You submit the orders with Kat’s Coffees and the balance in your paypal is your commission.

We choose you a nice theme and build you a woocommerce website for coffees and goodies.

You need a membership with Kat’s Coffees and you need an business paypal account.

Website with all the products is $49.95 but  you can make two payments of $25. Hosting is $5 a month after three months. No subscriptions just pay for two months*

Purchase the full price and I send you a gift. The full site will be woocommerce and the orders go to you the representative. You place your order with Kat’s using your coupon rep code. After the order is placed the balance in paypal is your commission.  What is nice about the full size website you get your commission off the top.

$99 for the full website comes with domain and three months free  hosting.

check out

LIVE KAT’S SITE>>>  Streamline Java 





I send a surprise gift for those who pay full amount.


to order website or choose a payment plan

Click on easy payment plan to purchase. $25 a month for two months.  You can use the site while you are paying for it.


We hold the right to resale the site if you decide you do not want to pay the payments. We work with you as long as you communicate with us.   

Want a lead page with .info for your business? Perhaps you have the order form or fan page. Order now for $20


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